Since July 2017 we offer also piano lessons!

Image result for piano lessons hdThe piano is mastered in different genres and at varying degrees of complexity by looking at the students previous skills, abilities and desires.

The classes take place individually with the teacher, once a week, allowing the instructor to  understand the learner and to achieve the desired result. You can apply to piano lessons by filling out a form.

Lessons are held once a week, at a pre-agreed time. Students come on a regular basis and learn the subject according to their level and skills. One lesson lasts from 45 to 55 minutes.

The teacher has an individual approach to each student, he assigns homework, evaluates work and skills, advises and provides handouts.


One time piano lesson for children and students costs 15 €

One time piano lesson for adults costs 20 €

Monthly subscription (4 lessons) for children and students – 65 €

Monthly subscription (4 lessons) for adults – 75 €

The lessons are held at the Elizabetes iela 75-22 in our Guitarplay Studio, on working days from 2PM till 8PM, and on Saturdays from 11AM till 5PM. More information in the section About Us.

If you have any questions, contact us through e-mail or by calling 28683625.

Students are provided with all the necessary study materials, as well as additional literature.

After the first trial lesson you can talk about regular classes in which the student attends classes every week.