Gitarspele-nodarbibas-saursIn Guitarplay lessons you can learn how to play guitar in many music genres and difficulty levels no matter of your background knowledge level or age. Also there’s a chance to get a gift card.

You can choose a form of your training – private lessons or group lessons. You can sign up for for your Guitarplay classes by filling a form.

Guitarplay lessons are licensed interest education programs by the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Riga City Council.

(Interest Programs for Children License No. DIKS-14-110-ail)

(Adult non-formal education license No. DIKS-14-109-ail)

Our tutors are experienced, professional, competent, and ready to work with anyone who wants to start learning how to play a guitar or just to improve their knowledge.  You can read more about each of our tutors here.

Guitarplay lessons are in english or latvian. Students in group lessons are grouped based on their previous knowledge, interests and age. One lesson is 45 – 60 minutes in duration. Anyone from the age of 8 can sign up for our Guitarplay lessons.

Guitarplay School program

Lessons are scheduled once a week in a predetermined time slot. Pupils should attend regulary choosing  whether to do group or private sessions. Both options cater pupils to their skill cap and capabilities.

Our tutors find an individual approach to each of our students, gives out home assignments, evaluates effort and performance, consults and supplies with needed materials.

Prices for children and adults under 25:

  • Group sessions  – 35 € a month
  • Private sessions – 65 € a month

Prices for adults over the age of 25:

  • Group sessions  – 45 € a month
  • Private sessions – 75 € a month

Guitarplay lessons take place in our Guitarplay Studio – Elizabetes iela 75 – 22 on workdays from 2PM till 8PM, and also on saturdays from 11AM till 5 PM.

More about Guitarplay read in section About Us.

To apply for the lessons you need to fill out the form.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us through email or by calling 28683625.

Guitarplay offers leesons:

  • for acoustic guitar, electric guitar and also bass
  • in latvian or in english
  • for beginners and also proficient players
  • from the basics till sophisticated techniques (solo, improvisation, shredding, tapping etc)
  • in different musical styles and difficulty levels
  • in  an easy, understandable and modern way

There are two lesson concepts:

  • Private lessons (teacher + pupil)
  • Group lessons (teacher + 2-4 pupils)

Important: In group lessons we form a group based on similar skill level, age and interests. It is possible to form a group with your friends.

We provide all of the needed materials for the lessons as well as the literature, after the first trial lessons you can arrange regular time for the lessons.