The “Guitarplay” gives you the opportunity to attend Guitar Lessons and receive Guitar Service and Rental Services.

Guitarplay lessons are licensed interest education programs by the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Riga City Council.

(Interest Programs for Children License No. DIKS-19-123-ail un DIKS-19-299-ail)

(Adult non-formal education license No. DIKS-19-122-ail un DIKS-19-300-ail)

The Guitarplay consists of hardworking, joyful and friendly team members, who are the pillars for the Guitarplay work.

Our mission

To make music accessible and understandable for everyone who wants it


To be the largest and most high-quality guitar lesson in hobby and professional level in Latvia

Our values




Guitarplay products

  • Guitar Lessons – training for different interests, levels, and age
  • Guitar Service – guitar repair and maintenance
  • Guitar Rent – starting from accessories to Guitars and Amplifiers

Our team


Eduards Aksjoņenko. Founder of the company and Chairman of the Board. His vision for action is to promote communication between guitarists and to give people a motivation and opportunity to learn how to play a guitar both face-to-face classes and self-study. He has played in various popular musical projects and guitar competitions.




ArtursArturs Liede. Enjoys and plays different types of music – from jazz to metal, but the closest to the heart seems to be the artwork that breaks the barriers between genres and does not strive to slide into one or the other “shelf.” Both active and as a session guitar player plays together with different groups, as well as trying to create their own compositions.




PaulsPauls Arnicāns. Playing the guitar for several years, it has been mastered by both private tutors and self-study. With his former band won the Rock ‘n’ Riga garage duels and participated in several guitar competitions.From the beginning it has been considered something serious, not just something to spend the free time on. Has been experienced in a wide variety of styles such as metal, flamenco, jazz, fusion, etc. He has played in several groups, such as Karma and Monroe. “Guitar and music means everything to me.”